Hilary Allen to Speak at This Month's Holloway Inn of Court Meeting

Hilary Allen Guest Speaker.jpeg

This month’s Holloway Inn of Court meeting will feature Hilary Allen as a guest speaker as she talks about her presentation, “The ABC’s of CBD, THC and MMJ - “OMG” - All You Really Need to Know About the OMMA (SQ788) That You Did Not Learn in Kindergarten.” 

Hilary’s talk is on the civil and criminal implications of State Question 788, which was voted on last year in Oklahoma. 

With any major change in policy, especially when it comes to marijuana use, a number of questions have to be answered. For example, employers will need to know how their drug testing process works for prospective employees who use medical marijuana. 

Hilary’s presentation will discuss the new policies and their implications. She will also go over past cases in which companies/entities were sued by citizens who felt their policies discriminated against medical marijuana users. 

She will also discuss how to continue treating employees fairly, using clear and concise drug policies in the workplace. 

The event will be held this Wednesday from 5:15 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Oklahoma Bar Center. 

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